Give Your Child A Jumpstart With Our Kids Jiu-Jitsu Classes!

Join our Little Squids classes and give them a kickstart to success. We will help get your kid in shape, stay active, build confidence and healthy self-esteem. Through our classes, our kids learn to be adaptable to their peers. They will understand the importance of respect and discipline in all they do!

Pave the way for your child's growth and development through achievable fitness goals and witness them become responsible and mindful adults!

Our classes are fit for children ages 4-6.

Help Your Child Develop Discipline and Healthy Habits

Our Little Squids classes include specialized training methods meant to challenge students and encourage them to be disciplined and motivated as they go through each fitness goal. We are here to guide them as they take on different problem-solving exercises, communicate with their peers, and set manageable fitness tasks.

Together with supportive instructors and a warm atmosphere, our students are sure to develop great confidence in themselves!