Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Helps Kids Become Physically and Mentally Alert!

Our Squids program for kids ages 7-9 is an excellent way to learn self-defense and problem-solving skills. Its combative nature will teach kids to win over their opponent to the ground and win them into submission through joint locks and chokeholds. It's a full-body workout that will strengthen their body and fighting spirit!

Our young champions will be more strategic in their moves and get into fantastic shape! At the same time, we provide an engaging and friendly environment to help them grow and thrive.

Help Your Child Learn, Focus, Respect, And Confidence!

Through our Squid program, we provide specialized training methods to challenge our young ones physically and instill a distinct mental discipline meant to encourage them to develop the ability to deal with encounters under intense stress. We do this all within a unique atmosphere surrounded by peers and supportive instructors. This consistency will help them gain self-confidence, respect towards themselves and others, and mental discipline!